The CoreTalent Assessment is a personal analysis,
with which we map the DNA of a someone’s personality.


This assessment is 100% customized
and completely individual.
During the CoreTalent Assessment we go
back together to the source: your childhood.


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Assessment procedure

  1. Intake by one or our certified CoreTalent Analysts. This can take place by telephone or Skype or in a personal meeting. In this intake we’ll discuss your specific questions.
  2. Preparation for the interview by online questionnaire.
  3. CoreTalent Assessment by one or our certified CoreTalent Analysts. This can take place in a personal meeting or online with a camera. The assessment takes between 2 ½ and 3 hours. At the end of this assessment you have already gotten the first brief feedback of the results.
  4. Optional in-depth interview immediately after the assessment. Focus of this in-depth interview your personal and professional life until present day.
  5. Comprehensive report with the outcome of the CoreTalent Assessment.
  6. First feedback session by telephone: Explanation of the content of the report.
  7. Second feedback session by telephone: Answering client’s questions.

The report

Our comprehensive report consists of:

  • A total overview of all CoreTalents with an indication per KernTalent how much you want to use this.
  • A total overview of all your strong CoreTalents in descending order.
  • Per CoreTalent a description so that it is clear to you what this means for you.
  • Your personal Core Talent combinations in 15 different areas. Amongst other areas are:
    • Your CoreTalents related to creativity
    • Your CoreTalents related to problem solving
    • Your CoreTalents related to structure and organization
    • Your social CoreTalents in groups and teams
    • Your CoreTalents related to competitiveness, perseverance and winning
    • Your CoreTalents related to autonomy and intrepreneurship
    • Your CoreTalents related to management, entrepreneurship and leadership
    • Your rational CoreTalents: strategy and tactics
    • Your CoreTalents related to ‘putting yourself in the spotlight’
    • Your CoreTalents related to marketing and sales
  • A summary conclusion regarding all your strong CoreTalents.
  • A conclusion and advice regarding your Core Talents in relation to burn-out (Peter Principle) and bore-out (demotivation level).
  • Checklists for your strong and your small CoreTalents. With this you can check whether you focus on the use of your strong Core Talents and thus meet your needs.

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